Use Stamps To Spruce Up Your Scrapbooks

If you’re looking for ideas to spruce up your scrapbooking projects them stamps could be a great place to start. Stamps are a great thing to have on hand. Stamps can take an ordinary piece of paper and turn it into something magical. If you’re just starting to use stamps in your projects here are a few tips for getting the most out of stamping:

Buy Generic Stamps:

Sure that duck stamp might be cute, but if you can’t use it more than once then it’s going to be pretty useless after a while. Before buying specialty stamps try investing in some generic stamps that you know you’ll be able to use over and over again. Things like hearts can be used for romantic scenes, but they can also be used for pages with pictures of a valentines day party. A star could be used for July 4th photos, but it could also be used to highlight a page with pictures from the school play or a band concert.

Get Lots of Ink

If you just buy a black ink pad you’re inevitably going to get bored with using stamps pretty quickly. Try purchasing an ink pad with several different colors in it. There are several different inexpensive stamp pads you can purchase that offer a variety of different color choices, many have six or more colors and can help inspire creativity with your projects. For instance this stamp pad has 12 different kinds of ink for just $10.

Buy an Alphabet Set

One of the best investments I made in stamps was in a set of letters. You can use the stamps to write out short phrases rather than actually writing them. Alphabet stamps can give your pages a unique look that is very easy to do, especially when you have all those colored inks to choose from!You can get a pretty basic set of alphabet stamps for less than $10, this one for instance has all 26 letters and is just $5.

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