Useful Websites: The Food Network

A few days ago I was at visiting my friend Adam across town. Adam has always boasted to me how great a cook he is, but I had never seen his magnificent cooking skills in action. After pointing out that he had never cooked for me, for perhaps the hundredth time, he decided to cook a dinner for me on the fly that evening. Even better, he was going to cook me whatever wanted.

I decided that I wanted Chicken Marsalis, a dish my mother used to make on moderately special occasions. Adam has never made Chicken Marsalis, but was up to the challenge with the help of the Food Network website.

Apparently Adam attributes a good deal of his cooking ability to late nights in college spent watching the Food Network programming. He then discovered that the Food Network offers recipes for all of the dishes shown on its shows online for viewers to print own and try at home, as well as a few additional recipes that haven’t made it on an actual broadcast show.

The site is filled with recipes for almost anything you would want to make, usually with recipes by a few different chefs to give you a few different takes on your dish. The website also features videos that you can watch so if you are a visual learner (like me) then you can watch someone make something before you try it at home.

I personally have never watched any programs on the Food Network (I know I live a deprived life) but I find myself going to their website again and again for recipes. The site is very easy to navigate and the recipes are always tasty.

Another great place to go for recipes and food related information is the Food Blog.