Using a Drawer System for Scrapbook Storage and Organization

There are dozens of different ways to store your various supplies. With all the choices, it can confuse a scrapbooker who simply wants to get organized and be able to find things they want without searching. A drawer system is one of many ways to organize and store your scrapbook supplies.

From a plastic cart with drawers to a dresser to an art chest, there are many different types of drawer systems available. There isn’t one that is better than another, and honestly it is a personal choice when it comes to organization anyway.

If you would like to use a drawer system to organize your scrapbook supplies, you might want to start with a clear cart. These usually come with the ability to put wheels onto them, and can come with two drawers or up to twelve drawers.

One of the new choices available, is a drawer unit where the drawers actually have lids attached to them. That could be a benefit for some scrapbookers, but it can also be annoying to have to pull an entire drawer out to use it. It’s a great method for storing pages in progress, as the entire drawer slips out easily and can be placed on your workspace, and at the end can be contained neatly.

Dressers work well because usually you have one around the house that might not be used for anything. You can use baskets, small plastic storage containers and drawer organizers to organize the various supplies inside.

No matter what you decide to use, there are a few ways to make a drawer system work more efficiently for you. Always make sure you label the outside of the drawers. This makes figuring out what is inside, a whole lot easier. In addition to labeling, store like supplies together. You could use one drawer for each theme, you could categorize by color, topic, or by type of embellishment or supply.

All of these things are personal choices, but a drawer system is an excellent choice for storage.

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