Using Acrylic Shapes on Layouts Part Two

Acrylic shapes are one of my favorite things to include on my scrapbook layouts. Today I’d like to share some tips on how to attach these to your scrapbook page.

Since you can see through the acrylic shapes, you need to be a bit more creative with your attachment. You need to do something to attach the shape of letter that is visually appealing rather than just putting an adhesive tab on the back.

Attach it with a brad or eyelet. If you want to use a brad to attach the shape or letter to your page, I suggest using a craft knife or tip of your scissors to poke a small hole in the shape before pushing the brad through. You will set an eyelet as you usually would, by first punching a hole in the shape and then setting your eyelet through that hole.

Sew it onto you page. If you are handy with a sewing machine, I really suggest giving this a try. I have seem people sew their shapes and letters on their pages and it looks great. You also may be able to use sewing rub-ons and then hide a small glue dot behind the sewing image to attach the shape to the page.

Staple it to your page. This is one of my favorite ways to attach the shapes because it is so fast and easy. Staples are also a very popular embellishment right now. Here is a layout where I used staples to attach the two acrylic letters.

Run it through a Xyron sticker maker. If you really just want only the letter to show, you can run the letters through a Xyron sticker maker machine. The shapes and letters do get a bit messy when you peel them off and you will need to remove and extra adhesive that stays in the open areas of letters. Here is a layout where I just attached the letters and flower shape by running them through the Xyron.

Use ribbon to help hide adhesive. I also like to tie ribbon around a part of the letter or shape and then apply the adhesive under the ribbon.

If you would like ideas on altering the shapes and letters before adhering them you’re your page, you can check out this article.

What other ideas do you have for attaching these letters and shapes to your layouts?