Using Color to Set the Mood of a Scrapbook Layout

We all know that different colors can cause us to feel different ways. Most of us tend to have a favorite color, even though that color may change depending on our moods or perspective. Considering color when creating your scrapbook layout will help set the mood for the page that you are trying to achieve.

Using certain colors on our scrapbook pages can help convey a feeling or mood without the use of words. Of course, you will usually want to also include journaling on your layout, but color can help to set the mood for the page.

Cool colors, such as blue and green, are calming and nurturing. Warm colors, such as red and orange, can create feeling of excitement of even anger. Neutrals, such as black, brown and white, have a unifying effect.

I thought that I would provide a quick refresher on what different colors can mean. Obviously, this isn’t a strict standard to always follow, but it can be a great starting point for creating a specific mood for your layout.

White: trustworthy, light, innocence, purity, goodness.

Black: power, elegance, formality, death, mystery.

Brown: harvest, earth, order, convention, simplicity.

Yellow: wisdom, clarity, orderliness, fun, happiness, freshness.

Orange: creative, playful, warmth, wealth.

Red: energy, enthusiasm, vitality, passion, security, courage.

Pink: romance, love, friendship, passiveness, femininity, forgiveness, devotion.

Indigo: wisdom, awareness, intuition, concentration, insight.

Violet: idealism, love, imagination, royalty, wealth, luxury, ambition.

Blue: spirituality, fun, freedom, integrity, confidence, faith, loyalty, truth.

Green: life, balance, nature, harmony, sympathy, health, growth, balance.

Have fun experimenting with these colors and see was story they can help you tell. Maybe even try to scrapbook duplicate photos in two different color palettes and see if the meaning and mood of the layout is changed with the color used. Let colors help you to tell your story!