Using Decorative Scissors in Your Scrapbooking

I recently had the opportunity to check out one of my friend scrapbooking projects-when flipping through the pages of her book one of the first things that stood out to me was her use of decorative scissoring throughout the book.

I own quite a few different pairs of decorative scissors. While I do pull them out to decorate books every now and then I have never used them to the level that she did-and it looked fantastic. Decorative scissors like these can be great for creating edging around background pieces of paper. If you’re new to using scissors in your projects here are some tips:

Layer it Up

Don’t just do one layer of edging, try creating a few different colored layers before adding a photograph. For instance cut edging around a red, white, and blue piece of paper and layer all three on top of each other (using a slightly smaller piece for each color obviously) and then place your July 4th pictures over top of the end result. You can also cut out pieces that are the same size and layer then on top of each other by slightly overlapping teh edges rather than placing each piece directly on top of the other.

Border an Entire Page

Take a piece of colored paper, border it, and place it directly over the main page you plan on working with in your scrapbook. A border around the entire page can look great, and make your page strand out against all the others in your book.

Create Small Accents

Decorative scissors can be great for creating smaller accents within your scrapbooks. Depending on what type of scissors you have, you can use them to cut our small squares and circles that can be used as small accents on pages in your scrapbook that might need a little mroe flair.