Using Embellishments That Go With Your Theme

Finding the right embellishments to fit your layout or theme is actually more complicated than one might think. Especially if you tend to do a lot of pages on actual hobbies, interests and everyday life. If you are just scrapbooking pictures than perhaps using embellishments is not as important. Have you ever considered using actual embellishments that go with your theme. What do I mean? Let’s take a look.

A Fishing Page

While there is an abundance of fishing papers and coordinated supplies, there are not a lot of charms, ribbons and embellishments that go along with this theme. Take a walk through the fishing aisle or just look through the tackle box and find hooks, lures, worms, fishing line and so much more; these would make the perfect embellishments for your layout.

A Christmas Page

There is a ton of embellishments that coordinate with Christmas layouts, so this one probably isn’t as important, but have you ever tried using ornament hooks and hangers to “hang” your photos on the page? Perhaps a sprig of an artificial tree, holly and berries or other flat or smaller 3d items can be used. Keep a lookout in the doll house miniatures section too. Often there are items that work perfectly.

Vacation or Beach

Use shells, sand, stones and pebbles, all found readily on the beach. You can create a small packet of sand with tiny seashells inside. Or use coral, and doll house miniatures to create the same effect.

Fix It, Remodel or New Home

When you are moving or fixing up a room or perhaps even remodeling a room, use samples from the paint store, floor samples, carpet samples, or anything else you receive. You can also browse the Home Improvement aisles for such items as washers, nails, screws and other small metal items to use on your pages in place of traditional embellishments.

Get creative, think outside the box and you will be amazed at the ideas that come pouring out. And if all else fails, walk the aisles of your local store and something is sure to jump out at you.

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