Using Ink Pads to Distress or Add Dimension to Your Layouts

Ink pads are such a versatile supply. They are one of those things that were created for a specific use, to use with your rubber stamps, but they can go so much further than that. They are perfect for adding distressing or adding dimension to your scrapbooking layouts.

There are a lot of different ways to use ink pads to create these amazing effects on your pages, one of my favorites, which certainly adds a bit of dimension is to create backgrounds.

These papers were made by multiple ink pad swipes across the page. I chose complementary colors that went with the pictures I was going to use. I love the look as its torn, which definitely adds dimension. The second photo is of the completed background.

Using a thicker ink pad, you can achieve an almost painted effect on your pages or in this particular case, your photographs. I loved how it made the photographs look distressed and all I did was swipe the ink pad across the bottom. Please keep in mind that using ink pads like this might take a bit longer to dry.

In the next example, I needed to use the ink to make the paper pop off the matching background. Before I inked it, it blended too much. I like the look of sanded distressing and then adding the ink, so I did both here to make the photographs really pop.

Another terrific way to add a little pizazz to your various layouts is to use it to frame the entire layout and add dimension, while separating various elements. In the following example I used it to separate the different styles of paper but then also used it around the edges to frame the layout. This is probably the most commonly done technique.

Inking your pages is extremely easy and can be applied by either swiping the actual pad or using a type of applicator to apply it to your page or element.

What is your favorite way to distress your pages?

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