Using Many Photos on One Layout – Disneyland

Anyone who has ever been to Disneyland and taken their camera knows that you come home with so many pictures. It came be a little overwhelming to try and narrow down the picture pile and still fit the pictures in an organized way onto your scrapbook layout. One option for all of those pictures is to create a mini album featuring the Disneyland vacation. But I wanted Max’s larger scrapbook to also document this special trip.

For Max’s album I decided to do two 2-page layouts (4 12 X 12 sheets of cardstock) to display the highlights of Disneyland. The first two-page spread included pictures of Max with all of his favorite rides and our family’s traditional photo in front of the castle.

The second two-page layout (shown below) shows Max with all of the favorite characters that he was able to meet during our Disneyland adventure.

On this layout I was able to include 13 different pictures while not making the page look too cluttered or busy. The largest picture was Max with Max (Goofy’s son) and Max with Buzz Lightyear (one of his favorite characters.) I left open space above the title to give the eyes a resting place and help make the layout more visually pleasing. Matting some of the photos on the red mat also helped to break up the space and let the viewer look at the photos in sections.

Since the photos were placed so close together, there was not room to write the character names next to most of the pictures. I solved this problem by using my label maker to print out the character names and then placed the label sticker directly onto the photos.

The border along the red mat was created with the only souvenir I picked up for myself of the trip: a Mickey silhouette paper punch. I simple punched the red paper and then set it on the black cardstock for a clean, simple page accent.

It is fun to look at this layout and remember the fun time we had on that Disney vacation. I guess that is what scrapbooking is all about: preserving the past and enjoying the memories for years to come.