Using Newspaper in the Refrigerator

Here is an old trick that still works today. It will help keep your veggies crisp and fresh, and is a testament to how many ways and for how many purposes that you can use a newspaper.

One thing we have a lot of in this house is newspaper and produce. I usually get at least two copies of the Sunday paper. We love reading the paper, but the double copy is mostly for the coupons.

There are plenty of ways to stretch out using a newspaper. For example, you might want to check out the following articles that Nicole and I wrote about earlier:

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Well, one new use that I found is in the refrigerator. No, I do use the newspaper to line the shelves or anything. I use it to wrap up my produce.

Take carrots, for example. When you get home, take them out of the bag and chop off the tops of the carrots. (You can use the tops, washed first, for your homemade chicken stock or soup.) Wrap them in newspaper and place them in the fridge. Make sure that you only use the black and white newspaper, not the colored ads. Newspaper is printed with vegetable dyes, so it is perfectly safe for wrapping food. The carrots will last longer, producing less waste to save you money.

Another way I used newspaper in the refrigerator this week was for bananas. I had about three bananas that were past their prime. I wrapped them up in the newspaper and put them in the refrigerator. I wanted to make some banana bread, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to get to it right away. I kept those bananas in the refrigerator for almost a week. The newspaper caught any banana leaks and saved me from having to clean my refrigerator shelves.

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