Using Props in Pictures

Are you tired of the same old boring pictures? Pictures are usually all about standing or sitting and then smiling. Sure, we might use different settings and backgrounds to spruce up our pictures but what about using props? Props can be fun and bring something unique and special to a picture.

Be creative when thinking of props. Baby pictures are always adorable but they can be even more fun when you add items such as a rattle or stuffed animal. Think outside of the box. What about a picture of your baby drinking out of a bottle or sucking on a pacifier? At first you might think it a strange idea but I tell you what, with my children now being older I would love to see a picture of that. It’s just an interesting way to capture your baby.

With children you can find all kinds of fun props to use. Oversized props are even more fun. You could make your own using a little imagination. Is your child into soccer? Take a picture of your child down on one knee, holding their soccer ball. Does your child take ballet? Have your child pose in a ballet position while holding her ballet slippers up in the air. What about a group of tween girls? You could take a picture of them laughing and smiling while holding their cell phones. Again, it’s just taking the time to think outside the box.

Props are great because they tell a story. They give a little more information than just who the person in the photograph is. What is that person about? What does that person enjoy? What makes this person unique?

Have you ever seen some of the incredible photographs of Anne Geddes? She takes the most incredible baby pictures ever seen. She also uses a lot of props. A newborn baby cradled in the hands of a mother would make a beautiful picture. The focus is on the hands holding the baby, not the entire picture of mom. You can also use items such as baskets, wheelbarrows, wagons and the like. There really is no end to the possibilities.

So the next time you are getting ready to take a picture think about a prop you might use to enhance the photograph. They can really add value to those special memories.

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