Using Scrapbook Supplies for Other Uses

Call me frugal, but I have a tenacious appetite for finding new uses for items I already have, so that I do not have to spend the money to purchase something new. Scrapbooking supplies are no different and can be used it a variety of unique ways that go far beyond the album on your shelf.

Altered Items – Obviously, the most common use for scrapbooking supplies outside of actual scrapbooking is altered items. This means taking your papers and embellishments and turning something ugly into something beautiful. My favorite altered items to do are CD and DVD tins to hold candies, pictures, cards and letters. As well, as I also enjoy altering cans. Soup cans, coffee cans, you name it – alter it and suddenly it becomes this gorgeous item that can be used for so many other things.

Wrap it up – A few weeks back I needed wrapping paper for a picture frame I had purchased for a friend. I really had no desire to run to the store and pick up a roll just for one small item. I got creative and took a sheet of old patterned paper and wrapped the frame up in it. I tied on some of my pretty scrapbook ribbon and used a template to create a card. It cost me nothing more than what I already had, and she hated to open it and even took pictures of it before she did.

Cards – Another popular use for scrapbooking items is cards. Creating cards is loads of fun and allows you to be more personal when sending a card to loved ones. Making cards is a great way to use up your scraps, extra embellishments and leftover letters.

Stick it together – There have been many times where I have needed to glue something onto something else and couldn’t seem to find the glue, as the kids had run off with it again. I rarely use adhesive photo tabs anymore now that I discovered the ATG gun, and have dozens of them left. They have worked great on more than one occasion adhering something together. They are great for adhering tags onto Christmas gifts.

Stickers – Stickers can act as labels. I got creative at Christmas and instead of having five children wondering what was in the big or small box for them, I used a certain type of sticker for each child and placed it on the bottom of the gift. It made sorting the gifts fun for them all, and didn’t waste a ton of gift tags and labels. Plus I have a plethora of stickers I’ll never use again, so this was perfect.

Do you have any unique ways you use up your old supplies that don’t have to do with scrapbooking directly? Please share them below.

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