Using Scraps for Making Cards

You don’t have to waste your scraps of paper or try to figure out a way to work them into your layouts. Now you can just create some cute cards to give your friends and family and use up those paper scraps. So you aren’t wasting a thing. You don’t even have to be a really creative card maker to use them to create cards your friends and family will cherish. Most people treasure hand made cards, and enjoy them much more than a traditional card from the store.

To create the layout pictured, I had selected three coordinating sheets of patterned paper and two pieces of cardstock for the base.

Scrapbooking Layouts Scrapbooking Layouts

Once I had completed this layout, I wound up with a bunch of tiny pieces of patterned paper that were of very little use for future layouts since they were pretty small. I have a hard time throwing anything out, so I kept them in a snack size baggie for a few days. My daughter celebrated her fourteenth birthday and got some really nice things that she needed to write Thank You notes for. Using these scraps of paper that I had saved, I created these cute Thank You cards for her to write out her thank you’s. The best part was that the lavender cardstock I used was also scraps. I cut down a leftover scrap of 12″x12″ paper into a 6″x6″ piece and folded it in half to get a cute 3″x3″ card.

They were very easy to make, and were quite well received.

On the inside of the card I stamped a simple “Thank You” stamp and then she wrote what she wanted. The same thing would have worked for a birthday, anniversary, just because or even a Christmas card if you change the papers.

It is very easy to use scraps to create beautiful and creative pieces of art to give to others.

To see how I created the cute flower embellishment that is on the layout, be sure and check out yesterday’s blog titled Making Your Own Embellishment.