Using Slide Mounts In Your Layouts

The first time I saw that a slide mount could be incorporated into a scrapbook layout, I was hooked! They are one of those flat embellishments that has so many awesome uses, and looks good too.

What is a slide mount? For those of you who are unfamiliar with what a slide mount is, it is a small plastic square shape with a frame. A slide is inserted into the frame and the images can be projected onto a white screen. Pretty cool, but the uses for scrapbooking are much cooler!

Here are a few creative ideas to use slide mounts in or on your layouts:

Change the look of your slide mount. Slide mounts usually come in white or black or gray. Not very fun colors if you ask me. But there is a way to change the look of your slide mount. Simply find a paper that coordinates with the colors or look of your layout. Trace out the shape of the slide mount and cut it out. The glue the paper to the slide mount. I usually use modge podge to get a smoother look. Once it’s dry it can be used however you’d like.

Frame a picture. Slide mounts make perfect picture frames. Highlight a portion of a photo using a slide mount. Shrink a photo down and highlight the single photo using the slide mount.

Frame an embellishment. It doesn’t always have to frame a photograph. It can frame an embellishment too. Add charms, buttons, a letter, metals, whatever works on your layout.

Use several on your layouts. Use can use slide mounts the same way you use the color blocking technique. Blend the slide mount into the background paper by using the same color to cover it in. Or use several in a strip to create a slide show appearance.

There are so many fun and creative ways you can use a slide mount. I hope you will share some of yours ideas!