Using the Back of an Acrylic Stamp to Create Backgrounds

Acrylic stamps or clear stamps are some of the most popular stamps right now. They are much easier to use, organize and store than the traditional wood and rubber stamps. Plus, there are a variety of different uses they have that wood stamps just don’t.

Let me show you one of my favorite ways to use an acrylic stamp.

I love making backgrounds with the backside of my acrylic stamps. It gives the stamped image an extra pop that it might not have had otherwise. Plus there is no need to color in the image, because its done for you already.

The fact that they need to be placed on an acrylic block is one makes them so easy to use for backgrounds.

Begin by taking the image and placing it image side down on the acrylic block so that the back of the stamp is exposed.

Next, dip the stamp into the ink and stamp the image onto your artwork. You can use technique on the backside too, but I prefer simply to stamp it with a lighter color. You can however stamp it onto a scrap piece first to achieve a lighter color of the ink you intend your image to be.

Here is an example of the stamped back of a stamp.

Next, clean the stamp so that you don’t get ink anywhere and place the stamp correctly on the acrylic block.

Place the image into a new color of ink, or if you did the scrap paper piece first, you can use the same ink because it will now be darker. I chose another color because I like the effect it gives.

Here is an example of the background with the original image stamped over it. Looks kinda cool and layered doesn’t it? But if you use a stamp that comes with a “background” of sorts, you can also have a bit of fun with a third color. I chose a very dark color for my last image.

Here is an example of the original technique with a twist by adding another layer to the two. This would be your finished example.

Now get creative with your completed piece and add a brad or eyelet or anything else you can think of. You can place this on your scrapbook layouts or even a card for an easy, attractive embellishment.

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