Using the End of the Roll of Film

Every once in a while, I am just dying to get some pictures developed, but the roll of film in my camera is only halfway or almost complete. In this day and age of digital photos I realize that this might not be a problem for all of you. But for those of you that do still use film (and you should), I wanted to help you use the end of your roll without actually wasting the film.

It’s hard to wait to get pictures developed, especially when you know there is something special on that roll. Here are some great ideas for not wasting the film, and gaining some powerful, useful and fun photos of things you might not have otherwise thought to photograph.

You can take pictures of:

  • a few valuables for insurance purposes
  • some of your child’s larger artwork or 3-dimensional craft projects
  • rooms within your house
    – your child’s room
    – a redecorating before/after shot of a room
    – your kitchen
    – your living room
  • memorabilia that is special (child’s christening gown or your china set)
  • everyday life
    – your children playing a game
    – watching TV or studying
    – dinnertime
  • family rituals
    – bedtime
    – brushing teeth
    – morning schedule
    – nightly story
  • collections
  • scrapbook layouts
  • the house
  • the car
  • your child’s school or a place of employment when nobody is around
  • your desk
  • your church
  • your scrapbook room and any organizing techniques you might have implemented
  • favorite items
    – books or magazines
    – videos, DVD’s or games
    – dishes, cups, mugs
    – food
    – toys
    – special items: blankies, stuffed animals
  • meals at a restaurant
  • special places in your town or city
  • time representative items
    – clothing styles of today
    – electronics (computer, microwave, VCR, TV)
    – furniture
    – cars
  • body parts
    – eyes
    – baby bottom
    – dimples
    – hands
    – feet

I hope that these gave you some good ideas to use. You can actually create scrapbook pages using these photos, or just use them to commemorate certain items, etc. Think of all the endless possibilities that you can take photos of. Feel free to share some of your own ideas.

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