Using Wall Space In Your Scrap Area

Whether your scrapbook area is small or large, there is bound to be some wall space available that you can utilize to get more organized, use as storage or at least to use for inspiration. If you are a scrapbooker without a designated space, you might consider doing this in a closet or room that nobody sees if it bothers you, otherwise you can find other ways to increase your space.

Almost every single organizing book I have ever read, has mentioned utilizing unused wall space for storage or organizing. Build up. Large floor to ceiling bookshelves are one way to go, but there are a variety of other ways you can use your wall to store your scrapbook items.

Peg Board – Using hooks to place into the holes on the peg board, you can hang actual supplies, tools, baskets or packages right from the holes just as you see done in a store. This is a simple way to get the most out of your wall space.

Magnetic Boards – These can be used with small containers or baskets in which you have glued a sturdy, strong magnet to and then place your items inside. Many boards are available for sale this way, but you can easily make your own by picking up a sheet of galvanized metal and some strong magnets and strong glue. You can even use a variety of sizes of tins or cans and glue the magnet to them. This is a great frugal way to get the most of your money while making everything work for you.

Shelves – Besides bookcases there are shelves that can be purchased that either mount to the wall allowing you to work with a lot of wall space, or you can purchase shelves that are part of a unit and then use baskets, containers and other items to contain your supplies, tools and other items you need a place to store.

Do you utilize the wall space in your scrapbooking area? If so, what works for you?