Using YOUR Handwriting in your Scrapbooks

I didn’t realize what a powerful effect seeing my husband’s handwriting on a note from 7 years ago would have on me. It brought back a flood of wonderful emotions of what was happening in that time in my life, how much life has changed and how we’ve grown in our love over the past 7years. I laughed as I remembered how we would write each other silly notes almost everyday to find another way to say “I love you!” I am so grateful I still have those notes and letters! Even more so, I’m grateful I can include those in my scrapbooks so my girls will be able to see how much Daddy & Mommy love each other, even from the very beginning. Using your own handwriting on your layouts may be a bigger deal than what you think it might be.

Yes, I’ll agree that it is almost always easier to use the computer to find the perfect font and sizing for your journaling. Nevertheless, the only way your handwriting will bring back a flood of memories for those you love will be if they see it in consistent meaningful ways, like the notes from my husband. It helps to remind us of the love the person whose handwriting we are reading has for us.

There are lots of ways you can “hide” your journaling if it is personal, private or specifically for one person. You can put it in an envelope, pocket, or make a door by folding the journaling in half and adhesive it to the layout. It really is just what works best for you and flows with your layout.

I recently found a great book on handwriting by Heidi Swapp called “Love Your Handwriting”. It has tips for beginners to advanced scrappers on how to improve and utilize your handwriting in your layouts. Most of all, it takes time and practice but it is definitely worth it to preserve your precious memories by hand.
Journaling example