Vacations: LDS Pageants

I am going to list the pageants that are available to visit and this year’s dates for the pageants. To find out more about the pageants and directions to them you can visit the church’s website.

Arizona Easter Pageant: Jesus the Christ. This pageant takes place at the Mesa, Arizona temple. It is available April 7-8 in Spanish, and April 5, 6, and 11-15 in English. The pageant starts at 8:00. Sorry for the late notice on this pageant. Mark your calendars for next year since this pageant always coincides with Easter.

Mormon Miracle Pageant: This pageant takes place in Manti, Utah, which is in the center of the state. This pageant runs June 15-17 and 20-24. The gates open for seating at 6:00, the pageant actually begins at 9:30. This pageant covers the restoration of the gospel, stories of pioneers and stories from the Book of Mormon.

Nauvoo Pageant: This pageant takes place in Nauvoo, Illinois. It runs from July 7-August 4 (Tuesdays—Saturdays). This is the second year of the current format of the pageant, which is a musical about Joseph Smith and the restored gospel. Activities begin at 7:00 with the pageant itself starting at 8:45. You will want to plan time to visit the wonderful visitors’ center and Historic Nauvoo.

Hill Cumorah Pageant: America’s Witness to Christ. This pageant takes place in Palmyra, New York. The dates for this pageant are July 14-15 and 18-22. It begins at 9:15 p.m. This pageants talk about the events in the Book of Mormon and leads up to Christ’s visit to the people of America.

Oakland Temple Pageant: This takes place in Oakland, California. The pageants runs July 18-22, and 25-29. It begins at 8:00 p.m. The pageant talks about Christ and the keys that led to the restoration of the gospel.

Castle Valley Pageant: This pageant takes place in Castle Dale, Utah. (This is in central Utah.) It runs August 3-5 and 8-12. It begins at 8:30 p.m. This pageant is the story of pioneers settling a new territory and how they share the gospel.

Clarkston Pageant: Martin Harris – The Man Who Knew. Clarkston is in northern Utah. The dates for this pageant are August 4-5, 8-12, and 15-18. This pageant begins at 8:15 p.m. This pageant talks about Martin Harris and his life. Tickets are required, but are free. Visit the church’s website to learn how to receive tickets.

If you live near the pageants or will be visiting nearby, it is worth your time to visit them. Each pageant offers you a chance to be uplifted, and glory in the gospel.