Values to Hold Onto

As a single parent it is so important to have something to hold onto in your time of need. While I realize not everyone is religious, we all have certain values that we want to instill in our children. When Logan was born I felt a lot of tension within me. I knew how I wanted to raise him and the values I would like in our home, but my husband at the time had a very different set of values, as did the rest of his family. How was I going to be able to teach my son the values I wanted to teach him when the rest of the family was living so contrary to what I was teaching? Then we got divorced and a whole new set of worries crept into the picture.

As a single parent it was easy for me to teach my son the things that I thought were important. I was lucky enough to have an ex who worked with me so that Logan could attend church each week with me, something Logan looks forward to each week. But I now had to face the fact that he no longer had anyone there to help stand up for what we believed in when he was visiting the other side of the family. He was going to have to be strong without me. I could teach him these things but ultimately, he was going to have to decide what he believed.

You don’t have to be religious to have good values in the home. It is important to teach your children to be kind and loving, to work hard and never give up, to be honest and caring in all that they do. These are fundamental values that our children need in their lives to become the successful people we so desperately want them to be. Teach them while they are young and they will cling to these values as they get older. We all need a little something to hold onto.

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I am a single mother to a sweet little 4 year old boy named Logan. I am almost done with my degree in Elementary Education and have loved every second of it. I love writing for and hope to be able to help other single moms through the difficulties of raising a child on your own.