Vaseline Intensive Care: Healthy Body Glow & Renewal Age Defying Lotion

Vaseline products have been widely trusted throughout many years, starting with basic Vaseline in a jar, and expanding to body lotions, lip treatments, and a variety of other skin care products. Whenever they have a new product to premiere it is most definitely worth trying.

Vaseline Intensive Care has a new body lotion out, one that promises to give your skin a healthy, natural glow, just in time for the summer. Appropriately named Healthy Body Glow, this lotion comes in two shades: fair and medium. Unlike some self-tanners, this lotion doesn’t provide an orangey tan, and isn’t classified as a self-tanner at all, as it provides a sun-kissed glow that won’t make your skin look unsightly and orange or unnaturally bronze. The “fair” shade works especially well for those who are so fair that they tend to burn, rather than tan, and who have difficulty finding a natural looking self-tanner.

Click here for a coupon for $1 off this product. You will find the link for the coupon towards the upper right-hand corner of the webpage. Be sure to read the “five simple steps” located on the main page of the website (exfoliation, application, follow-up, results, and maintenance), as those steps are the key to a healthy, natural glow.

Vaseline Intensive Care also offers a new age-defying body lotion, called Renewal Age Defying Lotion. Younger skin naturally renews itself, but as we age, so does the speed of our skin’s renewal. This leads to dry, often dull skin. Renewal Age Defying Lotion contains 30% more alpha hydroxy acids than other lotions. Alpha hydroxy helps to keep your skin to renew itself. Alongside the alpha hydroxy, pro-retinol and collagen also work together to keep skin supple, smooth, and constantly renewed. It has even been shown to help skin’s elasticity and in the reduction of age spots!

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Vaseline Intensive Care is so sure that you will like this product that they are offering a money-back guarantee, the details of which can be downloaded by clicking here. With that kind of guarantee what have you got to lose?