Vegetable Pasta in Tomato Sauce

An online friend has been telling me recently that according to the diet she is on, pasta and meat together is a real no no. Of course, that cuts out lasagne and spaghetti bolognaise and so many other recipes. Someone else then asked how she manages to have pasta since she is gluten free and without combining the pasta with meat.

Her answer was that she has vegetables with a bolognaise type of sauce but without any meat and rice pasta which is better for you anyway. Wheat and gluten are the sources of a lot of ailments today in people.

So the other day I decided to try my own version of vegetable pasta with tomato sauce. The advantage of this recipe is it is not only gluten free but with Christmas coming up and things getting busier, it makes good quick meal.

Vegetable Pasta with Tomato Sauce.


1 tablespoon tawny port or red wine

2 cloves garlic

1 medium onion

6-7 medium sized mushrooms

1 green bell pepper

6-8 flowerets of broccoli

4-5 ounces tomato paste

Half cup of water

Half teaspoon chili flakes

2 teaspoons dried coriander leaves

1 teaspoon oregano

2 teaspoons sweet chili sauce

6 ounces kidney beans

4 ounces sweet corn kernels

Half cup grated tasty cheese

Rice pasta

MethodCook crushed garlic and diced onion till onion is transparent in the wine or port.

Add broccoli and bell pepper, and tomato paste mixed with water.

To this add all other ingredients except rice pasta. Stir well and cook over gentle heat.

Prepare and cook rice pasta as per directions on the packet.

Remember that rice pasta should not be over cooked. It takes less time that wheat pasta. 6-7 minutes is ample.

My husband is a big meat fan but on this occasion he could not believe this was so tasty and yet it didn’t have meat in it at all.

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