VeggieTales — Gideon: Tuba Warrior (2006)

I’m a big fan of VeggieTales and we have most of the movies. “Gideon: Tuba Warrior” is new to us today, and I have to say, out of all the episodes, this is the one that has spoken to me the most personally. The lesson is on trusting God, and in its simple poignancy, the film truly reminded me of God’s love for all His children.

First we see the story of George Mueller, a man who lived in England and ran an orphanage with his wife. They had no money of their own, but trusted God to give them everything they needed. One day, a man named Mr. Simon came to visit them, looking for a sensational story for his newspaper, and wondered how Mueller managed to feed all the children in his care. Mueller explained that every day, they prayed to God for what they needed, and He would provide it to them. As Simon watched, they prayed for some breakfast, and the baker down the road showed up with a basket of bread, saying he’d been prompted to bring it by. Just a few moments later, the driver of a milk wagon knocked on their door, saying his wagon had broken down, and could he give them his milk while he fixed it? In the very hour the food was needed, it was provided. This story was told in Veggie-style, but the amazing thing is, the details were all true.

Bob is then roped into singing a Silly Song, and we are treated to “Ukelele Karaoke.” Bob doesn’t want to be reminded of it, so we’ll move on.

Our feature is “Gideon: Tuba Warrior.” Gideon plays the tuba for the high school marching band. When an angel comes from on high and tells Gideon he is a warrior, Gideon thinks the angel is referring to the mascot for the football team until the angel explains that God has chosen Gideon to lead his troops into battle. With faith that God knows what He’s doing, Gideon takes on the assignment, and sees the miracle of the Lord’s hand in their lives.

Although each segment was presented in a light-hearted way, I was deeply moved by the reminder of how incredibly special we are to God, and how we can trust Him for everything. He will never let us slip through the cracks, and when we do what He asks, we can always trust Him with the outcome.

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