Video Walk-Throughs for New Scrapbook Lines

I recently discovered that some scrapbooking design companies are showing their collections online with a walk-through video. I ran across a YouTube video linked on to Basic Grey’s New Hopscotch collection. As I was looking at the papers, I saw a link to a YouTube video down below. I was pleasantly surprised to be able to see in more detail all the cute papers, embellishments, and add-on kits you can buy with this cute collection.

I was able to see not only the paper pad, but the card making kits, page making kits, embellishments, die cuts, etc. etc. that come along with this line. The things I loved about being able to watch a video rather than scroll through it online was that it was all in one video that let me peruse my options before I decide to buy them online. While shopping online is already SUPER convenient, I was able to see someone handling the papers, and was able to see how they put certain things together. Another advantage to checking out a new scrapbooking line like this was that I could see textures better, and could tell which papers were glossy, and which papers were not. When you look at something online, and love it, it can be disappointing to receive something in your order and not realize that it was maybe a different texture, or glossiness than you wanted. The person in the video also opened packages of embellishments and showed each individual one. Sometimes you just have to rely on the back of the packaging to know what’s inside, but being able to see this line and all its accessories individually was extremely helpful.

The things that I did not like about the walk through was that it took a little too long. This specific one that I watched was 10 minutes in length. While the thoroughness of the walk-through was great, I found myself getting a little bored at the end. I also found myself a little bored by the actual things that this person in the video was saying to describe their product! There was obviously no script, and she was winging it a little, which left the viewer wanting a little more descriptive words. However, trying to do that job can’t be easy. I think that could be simplified by giving the person showing the papers a few key words to describe each item.

All in all, I really liked this way of looking at a new line of scrapbooking papers. You can find the video that I watched here. Maybe try looking for a video online of the next scrapbook line you want to buy. It might help you make up your mind.

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