Violent Wives

Not everyone in the world treats everyone else the way that they should. We all know that there are terrible people living in our world. Some of the worst kinds of people are abusers.

When we hear of a couple that has experienced abuse in their relationship most of us automatically think of a man hitting or beating-up his wife. If it is not physical then we think of him causing emotional abuse and scarring to her self-esteem.

However this is not always the case.

Believe it or not there are also violent women in this world.

Few cases of abuse inflicted on men are brought to the media’s attention. Fewer men press charges against their wives for physical abuse.

Perhaps our society does not think the abuse that a woman inflicts on her husband as being as bad or as wrong as the abuse that a man inflicts on his wife. Women are thought to be weaker and less dominant than men. Men are thought to be stronger and more powerful.

When a man hits a woman it is thought to me more of an uneven match in the man’s favor. However when a woman hits a man, it is thought that he has the advantage and should be able to defend himself.

For this reason many men likely feel that it would be an embarrassment to say that their wives physically abused them or caused them physical harm. Many cases of abuse on husbands from wives are probably never turned in or reported.

While I am not aware of any cases where a wife is physically abusing her husband, I am aware of some situations in which me are married to violent women. These women would likely not be labeled as abusers. However they do occasionally hit or punch at their man for his wrong doing.