Virginia Tech Shooting Anniversary

I am sure that we all can remember the devastation that took place at the Virginia Tech campus. It was one of the worst shootings in all of school and university history. If the story did not touch your life in some way personally, many of you were touched through the news reporting and media.

The school suffered great sadness and loss after the shootings. Many were criticized and feelings raged high. Still today families and school administrators are trying to cope with and make sense of the happenings that took place on that day.

Today, here we are one year later. In honor and memory of the victims of the shootings, the Virgin Tech campus will not be conducting classes today. However the school will be hosting a moment of silence and honoring those who lost their lives on that tragic day.

There were thirty-two students and teachers killed during the shooting which occurred on April 16, 2007. Today students are carrying out activities in which they will honor both their classmates and their teachers.

The activities began yesterday with parents and friends arriving and planning to begin honoring their loved ones as early as midnight last night. Candles were lit and flowers were laid out.

While the school administrators, students, and teachers have all done their best to move on with their dedication to the education at Virginal Tech, toady still brings about a solemn and sad memory for them.

Even those that were not there on that day or did not know any of the victims are shaken by the fact that a student at the university could carry out such a deed as the shootings that occurred.

People all across American should take a moment in their busy lives today to think of the victims and the families of the Virginia Tech massacre.