Virtual Campus Tours

It has become clear in the initial stages of my high school son’s search for a college that we now need to start visiting campuses. One college is in Boston. Another is in California. One in New Jersey. The rest are in the Washington DC area.

Oh, why did I raise a smart kid, and when did life get so complicated?

One initial step to narrow down the travels is to simplify the search on line. Not only can you access the site for basic information about schools, but now there is a site for virtual tours of campuses. is a commercial site which features films of college campuses, and offers a tour to prospective students online.

That’s good, because California is a long way from home in New Jersey.

Some of the schools feature full video tours, most have pictures of the campus locations in great detail. It is a great way to initially decide if the campus environment looks right for you. Of course, nothing beats actually going, but this is a great way to keep your expectations in line with reality before hitting the road for the “if it’s Friday this must be UConn” tour.

Buying a home is a huge investment, and many realtors offer online tours of properties – you get to look before you jump in the car and set an appointment. This way you know if it is attractive or a waste of time. A college education is also a huge investment of money, and finding the right college requires an investment of time and resources. Sites such as this one simplify the search by helping the student bring more focus to narrowing down choices.

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