Visit the CPSC’s Site for Safety Information

Today I happened upon the website for the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. This is the group which issues recalls for items, and offers advice on the best ways to protect you and your family. This is actually a very informative site. It has several things to offer in addition to the product recalls.

The reason that most people visit this site is to check the product safety recalls for a certain product or timeline. You can visit the site on a periodic basis and check to see which items have been recalled recently. You can search by date or product type. When you click on a specific recall it will show a picture of the item, describe the item, and give contact information on how to return the item.

The site also has a section designed especially for kids. It is an interactive site that teaches safety while children play the video games that are included in the site. The games include word searches, and finding the hazards in the home, as well games regarding bike safety. There are several games, and each teaches a specific type of safety.

There is also a “Most Wanted” section on the site. It included four items: old cribs, wall heaters, window blinds, and cedar chests. The site explained the danger of using these items, and how to replace them. The cedar chests had a lock that won’t open from the inside, and children have become trapped inside. You may want to check your cedar chest and fix yours if it has that type of lock.

This is one site that I plan to bookmark. It is easy to navigate and contains important information for the consumer. It is also a great way to teach your children about the safety issues around your home. I hope that you check it out.