Visually Appealing Pages: Part Three

Welcome back to my three part series on “Visually Appealing Pages.” Today we are going to wrap this up with a few more ideas to make your scrapbook pages come alive.

Memorabilia are a nice touch to your page but don’t always look nice pasted directly onto the page. If you want to keep some of your memorabilia, paste an envelope to the page and tuck them away inside. An envelope could hold pamphlets, movie ticket stubs and other papers. You can also make your own envelope, using your favorite patterned or colored paper.

You could also incorporate stamps and inks to your scrapbook pages. Lightly ink the edges of your scrapbook page which creates an “edgy” look.

I love black and white photos. I have created albums where all the pictures are black and white but then I also have my other scrapbooks with colored photographs. One idea is to take a picture and have a black and white copy of it made. Then you could include both the colored and the black and white photo on the same page. This creates an interesting contrast.

Bring back some of the old school stuff by using photo corners. When I was a child, pictures were inserted into photo corners. Colored photo corners are still available which can be an interesting alternative to matting the picture.

Instead of paper, you might also try fabric on your scrapbook pages. This can be an interesting way to add flair.

My final tip is with journaling. I know many people who don’t include journaling in their scrapbooks because they are afraid of messing up or they don’t know that their handwriting will come out neatly. Try writing in light pencil first until you get it exactly the way you want, and then go over with a fine point marker.

By now you have received enough tips to help create more visually appealing pages. Now get to scrapbooking!

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