Vons has Deals that are “Just For U”

Vons The other day, my husband and I were shopping for groceries at Vons. The store has really stepped up its efforts to get people to notice their “Just for U” program. Here is some information about what this savings program offers.

A while ago, I noticed that there was a table placed right next to the doorway at Vons. It was covered in bright, yellow, advertisements that said “Just for U”. You couldn’t miss it if you tried! At first, the store placed a worker at this table, whose job it was to stop shoppers as they came into the grocery store, and ask them if they had heard about the new “Just for U” program. The worker also was given the task of handing out flyers about the program to everyone he or she spoke with.

This week, Vons has stepped up their game. A worker carrying a tablet device (which might, or might not, have been an iPad), asked me if I had heard about the “Just for U” program. The tablet was set to the webpage for the program, and I believe he was ready and able to assist me in signing up for it. However, my husband had already signed up, so this worker didn’t need to do that.

So, what is it? “Just for U” is something that connects to the Vons Club card. It is free to sign up for the card. Use the card when you are at the register, ready to pay for your groceries. When the card is scanned, you automatically get the Club price for the groceries you purchased (instead of the higher, regular, price). Your receipt will show you exactly how much you saved by having the Vons Club Card.

The “Just for U” program is something you can sign up for after you already have the Vons Club Card. Or, it might be the new upgrade to the original program. Either way, what it does is attempt to tailor the the types of deals, savings, and coupons you are offered to fit better with the things that you like to buy from Vons.

There are digital coupons that you can find on the Vons website and attach directly to your Vons Club Card. You will get personalized deals that appear “Just for U”. In some cases, the program will give you discounts on the brands and items that you tend to buy the most often. New offers are updated once a week. My husband and I go grocery shopping once a week, so this works for us.

Image by Edmond Meinfelder on Flickr