War of Words

One of the joys of being pregnant is choosing a name for your child… or is it?

A new poll reveals that selecting baby names often leads to discontent and resentment among parents.

I suppose nothing says I despise you more than having your partner insist on naming your unborn child Sam when you have your heart set on Teegan.

Starting World War III over a baby name seems a bit counterproductive to me, but then again, we chose our daughter’s name in less than hour, so I wouldn’t know what it’s like to battle over Caden, Carter or Connor.

Of course, I am not the least bit surprised that moms and dads would go head-to-head when it comes to naming their offspring given that baby name experts pick fights amongst themselves about the popularity of some monikers.

For instance, when the Social Security Administration recently released its Top 10 list of most popular names given to babies born in the United States in 2010, Jewish groups heralded the predominance of Hebraic names, such as Jacob, Ethan, Jayden, Michael, Daniel, Isaac, Noah and Abraham. Other popular boys’ names in 2010 included William, Alexander, Aiden and Anthony.

On the girls side, Isabella, also a Hebrew name, finished first. According to the aforementioned Jewish baby name experts, Isabella means “God’s promise,” or “pledged to God.” Another Hebrew name, Abigail, also made the Top 10 list for girls.

Funny, when I look at the No. 1 boy and girl names of 2010 I don’t think Jewish nation; rather, I think “Twilight.” As in blockbuster vampire movie. Jacob and Isabella were the names of the lead characters in the “Twilight” series of novels-turned-movies. As for the popularity of Jayden, I give credit to Britney Spears. Her son’s name is the fourth favorite boy’s moniker in the United States.

I wonder how many tussles she and K-Fed got into coming up with that name?

Did you and your spouse fight over baby names?

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