Ward Activities

Ward activities can be a lot of fun. Ideally ward activities are supposed to happen once a month. However this might vary according to the circumstances in your ward or branch. Ward activities are a chance for the members to gather together in a less formal setting and fellowship each other. Ward activities encourage friendships to form. They are often really fun, and can include spiritual experiences. Here are some ideas for ward activities.

1) A game night is a really fun activity. You simply have the ward members each bring a few board games. You set up tables to play the games on and then you have each table play a game. You should request shorter games, because then you can have everyone switch tables halfway through the night and play games with another group of people. You can plan light snacks such as popcorn or other munchy foods. This activity requires little planning and clean up.

2) Another fun activity is the summer picnic. You can plan this around the July 24th celebration. You can plan a ward barbecue and have the families each bring a side or dessert for the potluck. This is great time for relay races and water games. You may also want to include activities that the pioneers would have done.

3) My favorite Christmas activity is “Night in Bethlehem.” The ward recreates the environment of Bethlehem during the time of Christ. You wander around between different “shops” and complete activities. The night ends with a reenactment of the Nativity and Christmas carols. It is a great experience.

4) One that is fun for adults is a dance. You can plan a family dance as well, but those with young families would not be able to dance very much. If you plan an activity for adults only you may want to consider providing a nursery for the children as well. An easy nursery would be a movie night and some snacks.

Ward activities can be a lot of fun. It is a great chance to get to know the other members of your ward. What are some of your favorite ward activities?