Ward Activity: Ward Talent Show

A great ward activity is the ward talent show. This can be a lot of fun for everyone involved. It is important to make this activity as appealing to as many people as possible. You should try to keep the program to no longer than an hour. You should also involve as many people as possible. Here are a few ideas to add varieties to your ward talent show.

1. Consider setting up a display area for talents that do not convey well on the stage. Artworks and crafts are nice to look at and it allows those people to participate in the talent show as well. You can have these available to look at before and after the performance period.

2. Plan the program carefully. Divide up the different types of performances. You don’t want all the singing at the beginning and all of the dancing at the end. Have an announcer who will keep the program moving and offer short comments in between acts. You may want to write the script for them.

3. A dress rehearsal will help things to run more smoothly. You do not need to perform all numbers, rather just walk through the order of performances once or twice and test the sound equipment for the numbers that require audio.

4. Limit the length of each number. This is very important to help the program come in within the hour time limit. The time limit will prevent the little kids from getting too restless. It will also help with the acts that may need a little bit more polish.

5. Provide a program for the talent show. This can help with general restlessness. Providing refreshments at the end is another nice touch. It encourages people to stay for the entire program. This will also give people a chance to mingle and view the other displays that people brought.

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