Warning about Carter Baby Clothing

baby If your baby has a mysterious rash all over his back, chances are that it could be caused by his onsie or pajamas. There have been more than 400 reports about infant developing rashes on their backs after wearing Carter clothing. Some of the rashes reported in the news are so severe that blisters have formed. Read more to learn about the details.

MSNBC.com reported yesterday on the official government warning for parents against using Carter’s Inc. baby clothing, specifically the 2007 line which contains tagless baby garments. More than 110 million garments are affected.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said that parents should stop using the garments if their baby develops a rash. Among the clothing affected are knit items such as onsies (body suits), shirts and pajamas. The clothing could still be on retail shelves right now.

It isn’t clear why babies are having this allergic reaction to the clothing. It seems to have something to do with the ink that is used in the dye for the tagless information that gets printed on the garments. The garments are manufactured in different foreign countries, which has prompted some parents to be concerned that dangerous chemicals might be embedded in the garments. With all of the recent health-related issues with baby products coming out of China and Thailand, parents are wondering if this is more of the same.

Carter performed an internal review of the clothing and found nothing in the way of chemicals or abrasives that might be causing the rashes. They are calling the rashes “a rare allergic reaction.” Carters would not comment on the severity of the rashes or whether or not any babies were hospitalized as a result of wearing the clothing.

The more severe rashes seem to come from labels that are printed with a solid background on the tagless labels as opposed to the stenciled versions.

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