Warning for Disney Movie Club Members

When we had our first child, we decided it was time we joined the Disney Movie Club. It really is a great deal.

Initially, you get three DVDs for $1.99 each and no charge for shipping and processing. Then you agree to buy five more movies within the next two years at the regular price of about $19.99 plus shipping and handling. The real beauty of this club is when a Disney Classic comes out of the Disney Vault, you’ll be one of the first to know about it.

Coincidentally, The Jungle Book has recently been released from the Vault.

Now back to my story –

I recently received a letter from the Disney Movie Club advising me that Alta Resources, a company that processes and fulfils orders for the Disney Movie Club, has recently been busted by federal agents in a very interesting scam. Alta Resources, as a processor for the Disney Movie Club, has access to member credit card information when members elect to use their credit cards to pay for an order. (The Disney Movie Club makes this all very easy for consumers as we can save our credit card information and place an order at any time without pulling out our wallets.)

It seems an employee with access to consumer credit card information was caught in a sting by law enforcement agents when he sold names and credit card numbers to those agents. I, for one, am happy to know that our federal agents are on the job! According to the Disney Movie Club, there is no indication that this information has been sold or leaked to anyone else and the employee involved is now an ex-employee with no access to Alta’s facilities or resources. In fact, that is one person who will be too busy with jail time to do anything stupid like that for a while!

Alta Resources has since taken corrective measures and been certified by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (an industry standard for safeguarding consumer credit information).

If you have a Disney Movie Club account and have questions about this incident, you can call them toll free at 1-888-524-6222 between 8am and 8pm Central Time.