Wash That No-Good Man Out Of Your Hair!

The fans of Britney Spears have decided that they know what’s best for her. After all, shouldn’t they decide whom she should marry, have children with and in general, what she should do with her life? Didn’t their adoration and support help to put her where she is today?

Well, it certainly looks like they do think that way, judging from the website they have set up urging her to dump her husband, Kevin Federline, who sometimes refers to himself as “K-Fed.” The American dancer and aspiring rapper co-stars with his wife on the reality television show, Britney and Kevin, which is based on the couple’s own home videos.

The couple married in September 2004, less than two months after his second child was born to actress, Shar Jackson. Britney not only paid for her five carat engagement ring, but almost set herself up to pay through the nose as well, as Kevin at first refused to sign a pre-nuptial agreement. At the urging of Britney’s mom, he finally did.

The web site, www.divorcekevin.com, even goes so far as to present a divorce petition and a Britney Bingo game to predict when the couple will split. Set up by US radio star, Jason Cage, in his own very words he begs Britney’s fans to:

“Help Britney remove the boil that is Kevin from herself and her payroll.”

The site utilizes a photo of her baby son, Sean Preston, as an icon-avatar, so to speak. The captions above his cute little head read alternately: “Will I grow up to be an out of work, badly dressed, backup dancer too?” and “Mommy, what were you thinking?”

DivorceKevin.com is even selling tee shirts that read in bold black letters:

What more devotion could a pop star request from her adoring fans?

According to gossip columns and those in the-sort-of- know, the couple has split in the last two weeks, but Britney, aged 24, whose son is only a few months old, is determined to give things another shot.

What is she thinking and what do YOU think about it all?

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