Ways to Make a Thankful Scrapbook Memory

This Thanksgiving include all your loved ones in on scrapbooking to make a treasured page for the whole family. There are so many ways to include loved ones that you may want to devote a small book or a few pages to this effort.

Ways to make a thankful Thanksgiving scrapbook page that includes family:

What are you thankful for? As you gather around your Thanksgiving feast go around and take pictures of each person or a group of people. However, you want to do this is fine just include everyone. Then have each person name one to five things they are thankful for this year. When you make your scrapbooking page include a picture and then under it record what they said they were thankful for this year. This is a great way to remind all of the blessings they had the previous year. Make this a family tradition!

Place cards: Make embellished and beautiful place cards out of cardstock to place at the Thanksgiving table. Put the person’s name on the top, next ask a question and finally leave room for the answer. You can ask several things like: What are you thankful for this year? What is your fondest Thanksgiving memory? What is your favorite Thanksgiving food? What do you remember about a significant Thanksgiving? Once everyone has completed their cards be careful to keep them clean and then collect them. Use the cards in your scrapbook and of course include plenty of pictures.

Journaling: Give each person in your family a journal. From the day you give it to them until you meet again at the Thanksgiving dinner table have them record one or more things they are thankful for each day. Once you meet have everyone read the highlights of their journal aloud. Then as a fun Thanksgiving night activity take those journals and embellish them and add pictures for a fun journal to for them to keep!

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