Wearing A Suit Again

For the past two years, I have basked in one joy—staying at home with my kids while my husband served in the Sandbox. At that time, I had a full time traditional job working as an executive assistant in a large insurance company. The job was very stable. Wearing a suit, or business casual, was a way of life.

When my dear husband left for Iraq, I had planned to continue working because it was likely his full time temporary status job with the Guard would end when he came back. I had no idea that my kids were so devastated by Daddy leaving that they would literally stick to my legs as I tried to say goodbye. Over the next couple of weeks, it became apparent that things were only getting worse so I made the difficult decision to leave a good job to help my kids get through their nightmare. That was almost two years ago.

It was the right decision and my kids flourished. I did not. I found myself getting deep into depression as I thought about the risks my husband faced in Iraq. To drag myself out of the pit, I began writing.

Within a few months, I built a decent income for a stay at home mom writing web content articles and editing resumes. These jobs were ongoing and I was rather proud of my accomplishments.

Hubby came home in November and he confirmed that his job would no longer be available. With recent changes in the National Guard, there would be few full time job openings. My soldier, whose sole desire was to serve his country, would now have to seek a job in the private sector.

At first, I thought I could manage paying the bills with writing jobs. Unfortunately, my wrists could not hold out against carpal tunnel syndrome after working 18-hour days. I soon realized I would have to go back to that dreaded suit.

I am studying for the insurance exam tonight. Twelve years ago, I took these exams in another state and passed after cramming for three days. Now, it is not that easy, but somehow I will pass. The suit will come out of hiding and will be worn once more.