Wearing Your Ring after Divorce

Dating, marriage, and divorce all seem to have many unspoken rules and characteristics. They almost have an etiquette all of their own.

There are questions that people face over how long you should wait until you kiss, how long should you be engaged, and when it is okay to date again after divorce. In addition to these there are many many more dilemmas that relationships can bring up.

One such question that I have to address to you today deals with divorce.

In a previous article, I discussed a great new business that I discovered. The business sells miniature coffins for wedding rings. I thought that the business is a good idea because many people do face the problem of what to do with their rings after a divorce takes place.

Some people are quick to get rid of their ring. They had a bad marriage and a bad divorce. They want no memories of it left. They sell their ring and think nothing more of it.

Some people are glad that their marriage is over but they do not despise their ex. They like to keep some memories of the marriage and wish to remain friends. These people usually have their diamond from their ring turned into a necklace or other form of ring. This way they can keep it but it has a different meaning than before.

And then there are those people who are very upset about their marriage ending. They hold onto hopes of reuniting. These people keep the ring intact. Some even continue to wear their wedding rings after the divorce is final.

So is it okay to continue to wear your engagement and wedding band after you divorce? Some people choose to and place the ring on the right hand instead of the left or they wear them on a different finger. Is there etiquette to wearing wedding rings when you are no longer married? Let me know what you think.

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