Product Review: Legacy Craft

Legacy Craft CD Cover
Well over a year ago, I discovered Legacy Craft, a company dedicated to sharing the importance of scrapbooking through video, stories and music. I had saved the link when it was shared on a message board I frequent, because I loved the song clip on their homepage. I finally ordered the CD right before Christmas. Unfortunately there was some type of problem at their end, but after I emailed the owner, he was especially apologetic and said he’d get the CD right out. He was extremely accommodating, because the package arrived only two days later. And I was full of excitement when I opened the box to find this big envelope with the words Legacy Craft in the return address field.

I opened the Reflections CD immediately and decided to listen to it. I was VERY surprised to find many goodies inside the package too, along with a note of apology and a refund on my purchase. This company is unbelievable and the CD definitely touched me.

If you are a serious scrapbooker and you are dedicated to preserving your memories, these ten songs will touch your heart. They are beautifully written and sung and the lyrics are just amazing. I don’t think I’ve laughed and cried while listening to a CD before. This one got me.

For the obsessed scrapbooker, the song “Preoccupied” is especially adorable and was my main reason for purchasing the CD. This fun, folk song is sung in the voice of a daughter, about her mother who has a serious scrapbook addiction. The humor in the lyrics is so true of those of us who scrapbook on a regular basis with a slight obsession, and seriously make you laugh out loud.

The rest of the songs are much more serious. Between a couple of fast-paced songs and many slow songs, the lyrics really touch your heart. Although every song on the CD is absolutely excellent, I really loved the last song “Setting Sun”. It’s a song about needing change in our life, and how to go about getting there.

The fun thing about the CD is that there is a nice mix of voices. There are songs sung by a father, a mother, and even a child. There is something for everyone and it is by far my favorite CD I’ve ever purchased. It’s not just for scrapbookers either, anyone would enjoy the songs.

If you click on the Legacy Craft link and turn your speakers up, you can get a preview of the “Preoccupied” song. They also have sample clips available to listen to.

Beyond the Reflections CD, the company also offers other media items. There is a book available, called Scrapbooking? What’s it all about? and it includes short stories on how scrapbooking has affected people’s lives. The author was encouraged to put this book together by Mark Victor Hansen who is the well-known author of the Chicken Soup For The Soul series.

Also available are two video/DVDs, one called Connections, and the other called The Value of Scrapbooking. Overall, everything from this company is truly inspirational, especially in this scrapbooking hobby of ours.

Their prices are very low and reasonable for what you get, and they are very accommodating and easy to work with. I was especially impressed with how they handled the missing order situation, and I absolutely love the CD.

To find out more, go check them out at Legacy Craft! Tell them I sent you!