Wedding Bells Ring for Trump

Will the fourth time be the charm for Ivana Trump? Frankly, I could care less, yet I still felt compelled to blog about The Donald’s ex-wife’s weekend nuptials.

And no, it’s not because this is the 59-year-old’s fourth trip down the aisle. Nor is it because she is marrying a guy she could have theoretically given birth to. (Trump’s newest husband is Rossano Rubicondi a 35-year-old Italian model-actor who she has dated since he was in his late 20s.) The reason I’m compelled to write about the Saturday soiree is because of where it took place and who helped foot the bill.

Ivana Trump married Rossano Rubicondi last night in front of 500 friends and family members, including her ex, Donald Trump… at his ultra-luxe Palm Beach estate Mar-a-Lago.

So let’s break this down: The Trumpster allowed the woman he bitterly fought in an ugly divorce some 15 years ago to tie the knot to a guy who is just a few years older than their eldest son in his Florida mansion. And not only did he stand by and happily watch the affair take place he offered to have Ivana do so in the same room he wed his current wife Melania three years ago.

But, that’s the only bizarre twist to this tale. Word has it Saturday’s ceremony was conducted by Judge Maryanne Trump Barry, The Donald’s sister, and Ivana’s former sister-in-law. Adding to the family affair Ivana and Donald’s sons Donald Jr., 30, and Eric, 24, gave the bride away, while daughter Ivanka, 26, served as mom’s maid of honor. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if Donald and Melania’s 2-year-old son Barron was given the task of carrying Ivana’s $1 million diamond wedding ring down the aisle as well. After all, PEOPLE magazine is reporting that Ivana had 50 attendants stand with her under a 15-ft. arch covered in orchids and roses while she said, “I do” to Rubicondi.

Of the 600 or so celebrities who didn’t make the cut as attendants, but scored spots to the reception were actor George Hamilton and Paris’ parents Kathy and Rick Hilton, and singer-songwriter Neil Sedaka.

While there’s no official word on what part of his ex-wife’s nuptials The Donald sprang for (as part of his wedding gift perhaps) sources say the swanky reception featured a 12-ft.-high chocolate wedding cake flown in from Germany; a 24-piece orchestra flown in from Paris and tens of thousands of fresh flowers flown in from around the world.

How long Ivana’s latest marriage will last (my guess: not long) is really not that important (to me anyway) I think the more pressing question here is will she ever change her last name? She’s been married and divorced from another man since her parting with The Donald, yet she has retained the real estate mogul’s last name through it all.

I suppose that explains a lot about…

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