Wedding Planning on a Budget

Today, it is not uncommon for grooms and brides to be to pay for their own weddings. This usually means that a budget is in order and expenses need to be scaled back in at least some areas. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to begin the marriage with a huge amount of debt, but still, you want your big day to be beautiful and memorable for yourselves as well as for everyone in attendance.

So, how can you plan a great wedding without blowing your budget? There are areas in which you can cut some corners without it being noticeable, and there are many resources to help you through this process, from websites and magazines to budget wedding planners.

One way to cut costs is to have a rehearsal dinner at your home or the home of a friend or family member instead of patronizing a restaurant. Friends and family members will be happy to help out in providing food and beverages. The expense will be minimal and will also be shared by all involved instead of falling to your and your fiancée. Why spend a lot of money on the rehearsal dinner when you could add the cash you save to your reception budget?

You can also consider renting certain items instead of purchasing them, or plan your wedding during the “off season” in order to garner great savings.

Planning a Wedding

It is a good idea to talk to others who have planned their own weddings to seek tips, advice, and resources for discounts. Also, check out some of these articles for helpful tips:

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