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In my last article I mentioned how I had done some research on weddings and engagements. The article gave some engagement stat highlights. The spotlight will now turn more on weddings themselves.

As many assume, June is the most popular choice of months for weddings. This was common knowledge with most people. However did you know, the follow up months are August, September, October, and then May? I found it odd that July was skipped in the mist. I wonder if it has anything to do with the hot weather?

Each year American weddings total over 2.4 million ceremonies.

With this large number of couples getting married, the wedding industry has become about a 50 billion dollar industry.

The order of purchasing wedding attire is wedding gown, bridesmaid dresses, then tuxedoes. David’s Bridal has 20% of this business and is increasing its sales.

An average wedding gown cost is $800.

The average cost for a diamond engagement ring is $2000.

The average number of wedding guests that couples invite to the ceremony is 175. The average size of a wedding party (the people in the wedding) is 12.

The average American puts about $22,000 into a wedding. That gives Americans a total wedding cost of around $72 billion a year.

Americans spend $19 billion dollars purchasing gifts through bridal store gift registries.

Las Vegas leads with over 100,000 weddings annually. Hawaii, Bahamas, Jamaica, and U.S. Virgin Islands are also popular places to get married.

Although the destinations above are popular for get away weddings, 80% of marriages still take place in a church or a synagogue.

Over half of the couples who marry have lived together in the past.

Unfortunately, the chances that your marriage will end in divorce is 43%.

About 40% of new brides will not change their name.

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