Wedding Superstitions

Are you planning a wedding? There is so much to do with the planning of the wedding that it can make you dizzy with the details. If you’re superstitious – well it can make you a lot busier! So here’s a few wedding superstitions to add to your juggling act!

The Dress

Good Luck: White has been the lucky color for the formal weddings in the States for more than a century. For informal weddings, you can wear any color except red or black.

Bad Luck: The colors of red and black are considered bad luck because black is the color of widows – it symbolizes death. Red on the other hand is the color of the devil and for obvious reasons, it is considered unlucky in Christian ceremonies. It is said that if a bride chooses to wear a red wedding dress she and her husband will fight before their first anniversary or her husband will die soon.

The Wedding Day

Good Luck: To maximize your good luck on the wedding day, you want to pick a date when the moon is waxing and an n hour when the ride is rising. It’s also a good plan to make sure the wedding is ending in the second half of an hour when the minute hand is rising. It’ a good plan to make sure everything is growing bigger or climbing higher in order to ensure rising fortunes.

Bad Luck: Your wedding should not be scheduled for early in the morning. The idea is that it will bring about bad luck and is associated with the idea that both bride and groom would need to clean up after a morning of farm chores and they wouldn’t want to show up smelling like the farm animals. Current thinking is that the bride and groom would need to recover from their respective parties the night before.

Note: It’s better to schedule any bachelor or bachelorette parties at least two days ahead of the wedding – there’s enough stress on the wedding day without showing up exhausted or recovering from a binge of some sort.

The Bride’s Veil

Good Luck: When the bride is getting ready for the ceremony, her veil should be placed on her by a happily married woman. It’s also good luck to wear the veil of one’s grandmother to ensure that she will always have the wealth of love, support and bounty of the generations that came previously.

Bad Luck: It’s bad luck for anyone other than the bride’s family to see her without the veil or to place the veil on her. She should also avoid looking in a mirror after the veil is in place.

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