Week 22 of Pregnancy

Welcome to the 22nd week of pregnancy! If it wasn’t for the tiny little kicks and tell-tale bulge, you could almost forget that you had a little life inside of you. You may be feeling pretty good these days- and spend your time daydreaming about nursery decorations and little tiny pink or blue outfits.

What you may be experiencing

Physically, you may be feeling fine or you may be tired and dragging. Both are normal. You may begin to experience round ligament pain, which is normal albeit uncomfortable. As your uterus grows and expands, the ligaments holding it in place may likely become sore. Sudden pains when you change positions or stand up are normal. If you are on the go a lot- you may have a dull ache at the end of the day. If such pains are accompanied by a change in discharge, spotting, or cramping notify your doctor immediately.

Your baby

Your baby weights in at almost a pound now, and is packing quite a punch. They will continue to pack on fat up until their birthday. If your little one is a boy, their testes will likely descend around this time- though some don’t descent till a month or so after birth. Perhaps the most exciting of all is that your new little life can now hear sounds outside of the womb! So talk to your baby often, they will grow to love the sound of your voice. In fact a newborn can actually pick their mom out by the sound of their voice.

Concerns or points of interest

So you spent a great deal of time kicking those bad habits- but what about second hand smoke. If you are around other smokers, you could be doing damage to your developing baby. Whenever possible steer clear of those lighting up- or go outside for a bit of fresh air. Your baby and your lungs will thank you!