Week 30 of Pregnancy

Welcome to the 30th week of pregnancy! You are in the home stretch now! In no time, you will be cuddling your precious newborn, counting all of their fingers and toes. If you haven’t gotten the nursery done yet, you may be in a rush to finish everything in time. It is important to listen to your body and rest when you begin to feel tired. Try delegating tasks to other family members, to get more done with the least amount of energy. They may enjoy the opportunity to help out, so use that to your advantage.

What you may be experiencing

Up to this point, you have been warned that swelling could mean something major, but at this stage in the game, you may actually begin to have a bit of swelling. And this is normal- between 40-75 percent of pregnant women experience some swelling during the first trimester. This is especially true if you are on your feet a lot, or if the weather is particularly hot. If you begin to experience swelling in your hands or face, or it lasts for more than 24 hours, notify your doctor. They will likely take your blood pressure and check your urine for protein to rule out preeclampsia.

Your Baby

In the home stretch, your baby’s job is to put on weight and grow stronger. Their eyes are now wide open, and they may even have hair right now!

Concerns or Points of Interest

What do you know about labor and delivery? Many moms may spend a great deal of time reading up on all of the different terms and medical procedures, and it really begins to sink in at this stage in the game. Consider attending and a labor preparation class to get a better grasp on the task at hand. Not only is it a great forum for questions and concerns, but you may meet a due date buddy to share in your journey!