Week 31 of Pregnancy

Welcome to the 31st week of pregnancy! This is usually the period where time starts to lag. You may be achy and anxious to meet your baby, and the next few weeks may seem to just drag on and on. Spend these last few weeks, reconnecting with your partner and loved ones and putting the final details on the nursery. The more organized you are now; the better things will be after the baby comes. If you find yourself nesting, do so but save your energy. You have a big task ahead of you in the labor and delivery room, so rest up.

What you may be experiencing

Many moms at this stage are just ready to be done with pregnancy. You can’t wait to meet your baby, and aches and pains are at an all time high. Coworkers and family members may greet you by saying “you still haven’t given birth yet!” Spend this time doing something that calms you. Finish up your pregnancy journal, or start working on your baby book. Stock up on plenty of good movies and books- if you don’t feel like going out right now.

If you are nervous about the thought of raising a newborn, you aren’t alone. Some moms wonder if they will have what it takes to make the grade, while others worry about their ability to bond with their unborn child. While these feelings are perfectly normal, it is important that you address them. Once you see your little one and get to know them, the rest will usually fall into place.

Your Baby

While there may be little to see in the womb, your baby’s eye sight is developing even further. They can track objects such as a hand, as it moves across their face. Their irises can respond to light and dark, and the baby may even blink or wince if a bright light was introduced at this stage. The lungs are putting the finishing touches- and soon your little one will be ready to take their first big breath of air. They weigh about 3 and a half pounds at this stage.

Concerns or Points of Interest

Cravings may be at an all time high, and it is easy to fall into unhealthy traps. Consider the following when choosing things to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Try full fat yogurt instead of ice cream
Frozen fruit juice pops are a great way to curb a sweet attack
Freeze grapes
If the recipe calls for sugar, try substituting concentrated fruit juice instead
Buy a juicer- and drink your fruits and veggies!