Week in Review: Snow to Freedom

This week I tried to make a spiritual correlation between snow and the cleansing of our sins through Jesus Christ, being saved by works and by grace, about the odd dream I had and how being a Christian means truly being set free.

  • In the first blog I shared this week called Snow, I thought about what the Bible scriptures say about being washed in the blood of the Lamb and being made white as snow. Since it was snowing, I was able to look out my window and better understand how beautiful the message of being cleansed by God really is. Since I’m such a visual learner, the Bible seems to make more sense to me when I open my eyes and see the examples of God’s goodness right in front of me.
  • In Works and Grace I really wanted to address some misconceptions out there about salvation. I included scriptural references which were elaborated with my thoughts. I believe our works often represent our faith. Though I do not believe we are saved by our works, rather by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • I wrote a blog called My Dream after writing a piece prior on freedom. I find it so interesting how the brain works incorporating bits and pieces of the subconscious mind in dreams. Anyway, in this particular dream I had a good idea of what it meant. I believe the eagle in my dream, rather than representing freedom or God, was seeking prey to devour just as Satan does.
  • Freedom in Christ shares the importance of needing a savior. Many people think turning your life over to God and allowing Him to guide you means missing out on fun and losing one’s identity. I wanted to make a point that you are not trading in freedoms you once had when you submit your life to Christ, rather you are gaining freedom in Him. A life without God keeps you spiritually connected to your sin and bondage. People often don’t get this until they have truly become a Christian and finally find true freedom. Jesus Christ, the one who carried our sin to the cross so we could be free in Him.