Weight Doesn’t Matter

Sometimes we get so wound up in the numbers that we forget that weight isn’t everything. What really makes a difference in how we look and feel is the amount of bodyfat on our bodies. You could weigh 98 pounds but still look fat if you had 40% bodyfat. Then again, you could weigh 180 pounds and have 20% bodyfat and be a knockout! No matter what you weigh, if your bodyfat is within a healthy range, you’ll look fantastic.

The only real way to reduce bodyfat is to start a regular and productive exercise regimen and to eat healthy foods that don’t contribute to excess bodyfat. Now this doesn’t mean that you can eat any non-fat or low-fat food out there. The extra carbohydrates that are added to low and non-fat foods will contribute to excess bodyfat just as quickly as the removed fat would have. Certainly low and non-fat foods have their place in a healthy diet but so do healthy fats as can be found in olives and avocados. The key is balance. Keep your fat intake proportionate to the protein and carbohydrates you eat and remember to make the bulk of your carbohydrate intake from fibrous carbohydrates like fresh and steamed vegetables rather than starchy carbohydrates like bread and crackers.

The best way to make yourself look like a million bucks (not to mention raise your confidence level) is to weight train. No, I don’t mean like a powerlifter! Women who weight train (without steroids) end up keeping their womanly curves while looking phenomenally fit. Trust me, you won’t become musclebound overnight! (Female bodybuilders use a great deal of special supplements and spend years and years trying to look that muscular.) Weight training is the quickest way to take inches off your measurements fast. Not only does it tighten up what you have but building more muscle on your frame will raise your metabolism and help you fight the flab. If you are already in a healthy weight range for you height but still think you look fat, you’d do well to consider adding weight training to your exercise regimen.

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