Weight Loss and Divorce: How They Are Linked

Losing a significant amount of weight is great for your overall health and your self-esteem. However, it is life changing. It is even on the stress management chart as one of the causes of stress. Why? Because it is life changing in a wonderful way, it can sometimes be overwhelming to you. Think about it. There are new clothes to buy, comments from people telling you how great you look, welcomed changes in your health and approval from your doctor. All of these are welcome and you have earned it. You should be proud of yourself, but there is someone else in your life that will be a little nervous about the whole thing. This would be your significant other, of course.

If everything is going great in your relationship chances are that your significant other will be right there cheering you on in your accomplishments. However, if things are a little shaky between the two of you, well, that is another story. A study done regarding this topic claims that the divorce rate when one partner loses weight is much higher. The other partner may be just a tad jealous at all the positivity that is surrounding your new look. You might even stand up for yourself a little bit more if you are not being treated as you should be. After all, when one loses weight they tend to feel just a little bit proud and rightly so. Again, you have earned it. You will most likely walk with a bounce in your step. You will probably be a little bit more daring in your fashion tastes. You might even get a new hairstyle and you will be glowing. This is understandable. You are feeling great.

If your partner shows any signs of jealousy you can reassure him that you are still you. If the relationship is shaky, try to fix it just as if I am sure that you were trying to do before the weight loss. Go to counseling if need be.

Losing weight is tough work and you have accomplished this. Be happy and delight in it, but be on the look out for any signs of unhappiness in your partner. By being aware of this you may be able to head off havoc in your relationship.

Angel Lynn writes in weight loss, single parenting, and health.

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